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A drunken Doctor Who podcast for the end times.   Featuring JB Anderton (WHO 37), Chris Buchanan (Dirty WHOers) and Sean Homrig (The TARDIS Tavern). 

Jun 29, 2024

It’s been a good four years, but it’s time for this journey to end.  JB, Chris and Sean see the current series of “Disney Who” off with a lengthy and rant-filled discussion of “Dot and Bubble”, “Rogue”, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday”, and “Empire of Death”.  The podcast will come back now and then...

Jun 22, 2024

In which a podcast is conceived and another podcast is about to be put to bed. 

Jun 1, 2024

JB, Sean and Chris tear their way through “Space Babies”, “The Devil’s Chord”, “Boom” and “73 Yards”.  Not the the faint of heart.