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A drunken Doctor Who podcast for the end times.   Featuring JB Anderton (WHO 37), Chris Buchanan (Dirty WHOers) and Sean Homrig (The TARDIS Tavern). 

Dec 16, 2023

Despite the title of this episode, our three fearless podcasters have mostly nice things to say about the three 60th Anniversary Specials.  Like the Tenant Doctor, JB, Chris & Sean come to terms with slowing down in their advanced ages while the world of Doctor Who moves on to a more fantastical direction.  It...

Nov 25, 2023

There was a lot of stuff that went on in the world of Doctor Who pre-60th anniversary that we really needed to discuss, however we’re again short one fucker as Chris has family obligations for Thanksgiving weekend.  On the eve of Doctor Who’s return to television, JB and Sean unpack the “Disney-fication” of...

Oct 21, 2023

In which two out of three ain’t bad.  JB and Chris carry on while Sean is fully booked for the month with murder mysteries. They discuss “The 10 Most Hated Doctor Who Episodes”, dissect the 60th Anniversary trailer, discover their “birth episodes”, critique the “new” version of the theme tune, dive into...

Sep 9, 2023

JB, Chris and Sean aim to take over the world and recruit their teams from a list of minions and henchmen/women spanning the entire history of the Doctor Who universe.  

Aug 6, 2023

In which our three fearless but overheated podcasters go full Cro-Magnon as they record a commentary of the very first Doctor Who story, “An Unearthly Child”.