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A drunken Doctor Who podcast for the end times.   Featuring JB Anderton (WHO 37), Chris Buchanan (Dirty WHOers) and Sean Homrig (The TARDIS Tavern). 

Dec 17, 2015

… in which our fearless podcaster punches holes in Steven Moffat's writing just as ferociously as the Doctor punched a hole through the diamond wall. And we find out if Clara's power is all in a club sandwich. It's the long awaited review of "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent". Also, hear all about how River Song got sexually harassed live on stage at Chicago TARDIS 2015.

eight and a half years ago

Wow I feel quite put off by your podcast. Lots of whining about Chicago TARDIS not personally catering to you, combined with misrepresentation of some key facts (not all auto and photo tickets were presale and those who buy at the door were given short and rude treatment by you AND the episode shown didn't have commercials) really turned me off. As far as your car share situation, I do not have a car yet managed to attend the entire con via public transportation. Your personal attacks are also off putting. While I was interested to hear your review, the whining and personal attacks forced me to time out before your review began. Please grow up