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A drunken Doctor Who podcast for the end times.   Featuring JB Anderton (WHO 37), Chris Buchanan (Dirty WHOers) and Sean Homrig (The TARDIS Tavern). 

Oct 26, 2014

… in which our fearless podcaster tries to kick his Coke habbit and finds himself cheering for Team Mickey.  Meanwhile the Doctor can't see the forest for the trees, Danny doesn't bother to take roll call on school field trips, and Clara lies. 

Mark H
nine and a half years ago

The UK Governments emergency committee IS called COBRA. It stands for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, the office in Whitehall where the committee (usually chaired by the Prime Minister) meets. It's on the news regularly - terrorists, Ebola. Research!

The children are Year 8, as Clara says. That means they are on their second year of secondary school; this is the year they will turn 13. I think most of the children were born in 2001 (source: The Guardian) so that fits perfectly.

Calling Maebh spastic is very, very offensive. (In the UK, certainly.) You should be ashamed.